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Deploy Jenkins® effortlessly in Kubernetes clusters

Install and spin up the operator and Jenkins® with custom resources in minutes with Helm. One instance of the operator can watch multiple Jenkins® namespaces. You can continue building on with CRDs keeping it all tidy with CasC.

helm repo add carthago helm install carthago-op-jenkins carthago/carthago-op-jenkins -f values-operator.yaml -n operator NAME: carthago-op-jenkins
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Apr 26 17:00:00
STATUS: deployed
helm install carthago-op-jenkins-crs carthago/carthago-op-jenkins-crs -f values-crs.yaml -n jenkins NAME: jenkins
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Apr 26 17:00:00 2022
STATUS: deployed

Authenticate with out-of-the-box integrations to identity providers

Configure authentication with your GitHub organization, GCP OAuth or OpenID. Keep a unified means of accessing resources and managing development pipelines.

Customise Jenkins® and keep control of your plugins

Add plugins and have them all organized in one place. Manage them easily without having to push through a clogged interface.

Tame plugin complexity with the plugin lock

Don't let a single plugin incompatibility kill your pipelines. Configure automatic snapshots of past working plugin definitions and restore to a ConfigMap whenever something goes wrong.