Optimize your software development process

Lower your cloud overspend, automate repetitive tasks in CI/CD process

installation process

Key Characteristics


Flexible, replicable CI/CD pipelines

Build pipelines that address the specific needs of your software teams. Save valuable time and develop common patterns of working for best DevOps practices in your organization.


Reduce overspend, focus on development

Cut the amount of workload needed to start, maintain and keep a healthy build automation environment. Give your software teams predictable, controllable insfrastructure.


Transform operational model

Help your organization advance in transformation to modern DevOps responsiblity model and working patterns. Empower adaptability and agility of dedicated environments.

Spin up in minutes and run steadily


for full control over your configurations

Out of the box security

for safer operations at every time you build something new or replicate a setup

Only one “day one”

don’t let day-one setup take you longer than... a day


so you don’t have to do the same work twice

Real Time Trading - Dark X Webflow Template
Security - Dark X Webflow Template

Giving back to the community

Carthago helps business big or small ship their software free from holdups and fighting infrastructure overspend.

We are using what we’ve learned to give back to the community by contributing to and supporting OSS Jenkins Operator.

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